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I’m not recommend this company I’m sure lots of people need money for any kind of emergency but seriously DO NOT GET ANY KIND OF LOANS WITH THEM, they’re so bad with costumers specially if something happens when they can’t get no money from your checking account PLEASE BE CAREFUL WITH THIS COMPANY THEY DID PUT MY CHECKING ACCOUNT OVERDRAFT EVEN WHEN I DID SOME KIND OF ARREIGMENTS WITH THEM,,THE COLLECTION DEPARTMENT FROM SPEEDY CASH RIPOFF LIKE 3 TIMES so again please don’t do business with them,,look for money for an other way,,,you know that the interest from speedy cash are SKY HIGH AND BEYOND, they got horrible costumer service specially when they send you to collections HOPEFULLY PEOPLE THINK TWICE ABOUT TRYING TO GET ANY KIND OF LOAN WITH THEM..

Product or Service Mentioned: Speedy Cash Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Ordinarily I'd lecture someone who go into bed with these folks and their ilk.

But it reads as if you've gotten the point and aren't likely to forget.

Chalk it up to learning, move on, and don't repeat the errors.

There is plenty of hope left for you because you are catching on !

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